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Use this page to find other players at your skill level. 

Use the Roster

It's easy to find other players at your skill level, so it's important you know your level.

1. Go to the Club Roster page. Note that you must be logged on to the site to do this. Click on the head & shoulders icon in the top right corner to log in. Click here if you need help resetting your password.

2. Click on Advanced Search.

3. At the bottom of the page, click on your skill level.

4. Click search.

A list of all the Pickleball Club members at that skill level will come up, with contact information for each.  If you text them, they will come!

Tips by skill level

Laguna Woods has a lot of players, and different skill levels tend to congregate at different times, so find out when you'll get the best chance of getting a good game. If you get to the courts and you don't have four people, make sure you mark the Brad's Box with your skill level in the corner, and then actively ask people to play!

2.0 (beginners): Take the Intro to Pickleball class followed by the BATT class (Club members only) and arrange to play with your fellow beginners. Ask those giving the class how to meet other people at your skill level.  If you're a Club member, you'll receive emails every few months for a "Social Play" for your level. 

2.5 (advanced beginners): Some players play during the pickleball priority hours, and a lot of games are arranged every week among 50+ players using the Team Reach app. To join, text the administrators Arnold Quigley or Lee Chase (their numbers are in the Club roster). Club members will be invited to register for a "Social Play" event and also participate in Club tournaments and the Village Games tournament.

3.0+ (intermediate and advanced): Commonly play during pickleball priority hours and other prime time hours (i.e. weekday evenings). Club members will be invited to play in Ladders, Club tournaments, and the Village Games tournament.

Top 5 ways to meet other players

1. Reach out. If you are looking for new (to you) people to play with, email or text as many as you like. Someone is sure to respond, and people are setting up groups all the time. You can join one of them or set up a group of your own. 

2. Set up. Suggest a date/time and ask people to join you.

3. Reconnect. If you want to play again with someone you've already met, the information you need to get in touch is there. You can reach out to them individually.

4. Don't be shy. Talk to people when you play. They know other players who are looking for games.  Remember, however, that courts are open only to Laguna Woods Village residents and their guests.   

5. Participate.  Players congregate at Club-sponsored ladders, tournaments, social events and gatherings. Join in to meet people ... and have some fun!  

NOTE: Listings with photos make it easy to identify people you've played with before when you don't know their names. Submit a photo today - click here for how to do this

Not sure of your level?  Click here for Skill Levels. Coach Allan offers free assessment sessions on the second Wednesday of each month. Call or text him at 714-552-2119 or email

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