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WHO MAY PLAY - Laguna Woods Village residents and their guests may use the courts free of charge. 

LAGUNA WOODS RULES - Court procedures are governed by the Laguna Woods Recreation Facility operating rules for Paddle Tennis & Pickleball (outdoors) and Fitness Centers & Gymnasium (indoors). Players must be familiar with the LW rules (see links in box on the right), court hours, and Brad's Boxes (below).

COURT LOCATIONS - The seven outdoor courts are located inside Gate 12, down the hill from the putting green. These courts are lit at night. The three indoor courts are in the gym at Clubhouse One. Use the entrance door located in the courtyard.

"PRIME TIME" - On the outdoor courts, "Prime Time" includes the regular hours of priority play and 4-10pm Monday-Friday.

GUESTS - During prime time, a resident may have one guest; during non-prime time, up to three guests are permitted. Guests must be registered in Dwelling Live or accompanied through Gate 12. The resident must be at the court at all times with any guests and if playing, occupy the same court.

LOST & FOUND - Paddles found at the outdoor courts are handed in to the Golf Pro shop. Other items are put in the Lost & Found box at the courts and given to the Golf Pro shop monthly.

JOIN THE CLUB - Membership of the Pickleball Club gives resident access to the roster of 500+ other players, participation in tournaments and social play events, information about court closures and all things pickleball in the Village. The Club works hard to ensure the courts are in good playing order and appreciates your support. 

STAY SAFE! Read the USAP safety tips 

PADDLES & BALLS -  The Golf Pro Shop sells balls. If you buy from Pickleball Central, use code CRLWPC to get a 5% discount. If you buy from Engage, use code 20LWPC for a 20% discount.


If the courts are busy and players are waiting, Brad's Boxes goes into effect to determine the order of play. On the outdoor courts, the orange flag is raised. Leave your court when your game is finished. If you are not sure how this works, ask another player.

  1. Doubles play takes priority over singles. Singles players already on the court may finish their game (15 mins max).
  2. You may only sign up when you are not playing on a court.
  3. Write your name legibly in an open box.
  4. If you want to sign up a team of 4, you must all be present on the patio/sign-up sheets to sign up.
  5. The next filled box of 4 players takes the next open court. X out your box before you go to the court.
  6. Play one game, then leave the court and sign up again.
  7. If you are looking for players at a specific skill level write the skill level (2.5, 3.0, etc.)
  8. [Outdoor courts] When the board is full, erase the x-ed boxes (only) and start again from the top.


To play here, it is expected that you:

  1. Abide by the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) rules and regulations and the GRF operating procedures.
  2. Ensure your guests abide by the rules.
  3. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Be welcoming and helpful to newcomers and visitors.
  4. Respect the Laguna Woods Pickleball facilities and property. Keep them clean and in good working order.
  5. Promote good sportsmanship and fairness in all aspects of play.
  6. Do not give unsolicited coaching or advice, or criticize another player’s skills.
  7. Avoid any physical or verbal behavior that threatens the health, safety, or physical and mental well-being of others, including the use of profanity, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

It is just a game.



Warm up

Wear proper court shoes

Call for the ball in the middle


Pedal backwards

Get overheated

Risk running into the fence

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