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Weekly column by Sheryl Strich


The good news is that the rain is ending soon. The bad news for pickleball addicts who want to play every morning is that pickleball does not have court priority on Tuesdays and Thursdays along with the first and third Saturdays. We share the courts with paddle tennis, and that is their time. Please do not expect paddle tennis players to exit their courts for pickleballers during these hours.

Another bummer for competitive pickleballers is that the challenge court stops being a challenge court at 1pm. It is only a challenge court on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings until 1pm.

The March skills level tournaments went on between the downpours. Luck was on our side weatherwise. It was good practice for the Village Games.

Nadine and Martha did an outstanding job making this tournament run so smoothly. Please appreciate how much time and energy they put into these tournaments, and please thank them when you see them.

During tournaments, it’s been noticed that people often get VERY enthusiastic. So be careful if you’re going to poach. Always have a conversation with your partner before your game starts about who’s taking the middle even if it’s just for one game.

Registration deadline for the Village Games is today, March 23.

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