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Weekly column by Sheryl Strich


Tuesday, October 3, is Tournament Day and Taco Tuesday.  First, there will be two tournaments running for Club members: 3.0-3.5 at 11:30am and 3.5+ at 1:30pm.  Then, a catered Pickleball Club dinner will be held 6-9pm in Clubhouse 2, $10/person; Club members may bring a guest.  Register online for a tournament and/or dinner tickets at  Sign up by Thursday, Sept. 28 for the dinner and Sun, Oct. 1 for a tournament.  There will be NO walk-ins at the dinner because it is catered.

Thank you everyone for being so conscientious regarding Brad’s Boxes, but I understand that some people are misunderstanding how to follow Brad’s Boxes with regard to singles. The Brad’s Boxes rules are hanging on the fence of Court 3. When the flag is raised, singles players already on the court may finish their game (15 mins max).

A word on courtesy. Yes, everyone is anxious to get on the court to play, HOWEVER, groups should not come through the gate to take over a court the second the players on the court have finished their last point and have not even clicked their paddles.

It is up to everyone to keep the busy courts rotating but be respectful and less impatient.  Bear in mind that courtesy on the court is very important.

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